Stump City Brewing 

521 West Fulton St.
Gloversville, NY 12095

T  /   (518) 831-0722

Summer Hours


Fri: 3-8


Sun: 12-6

Pay close Attention to Facebook as we sometime have Pop-Up hours 

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This List may not represent what is currently on tap at all times as we are a small brewery and things change quickly please check Facebook for most recent information.
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Cayadutta Cream Ale
5.2% ABV
Our cream ale for made for those love a lighter beer. It it still a full bodied beer but with a heavy dose of corn, these flavors really come out to make an all around easy to drink beer.
High Hop Pale Ale
5.0% ABV
Pale ale with a nice hop punch to it but still easy to drink, Malty on the backend
Irish Sweet Stout 
5.9% ABV

A non traditional stout made for St. Paddy's Day, made with lactose and dark roasted malt, start sweet finishes dry.

Oak Brown
5.9% ABV

A very smooth and slightly oaky brown, Aged on oak staves for several weeks.

Stump City Red
5.2% ABV

Our red ale is a full bodied easy going beer. Very light on the cascade hops and heavy on the special B malt bring forth a caramel and raisin characteristic of the malt 

A blend of beer and Roger's Cideryard Cider fermented and aged in a red wine barrel. A little tart with a hint of apple, very different.
Secret Cider
7.5% ABV
Our Cider, a bit sweeter and very non-traditional. made with honey and brown sugar.
Regional Red Wheat
4.3% ABV

A Nice light clean wheat beer with a nice breadiness finish to it. A portion of sales will be going to the Regional Animal Shelter.

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Previously Made or Retired beers

JOSH Apricot Blonde 

A traditional Blonde made with Apricot. You'll have to come and visit to learn the story behind this one. 

Imperial Cream Ale
A bigger bolder version of our cream ale with a hint of blood orange to balance the maltiness.
Juniper IPA

Our IPA made with lots of juniper berries as well as orange and lemon peel, a unique difference off the traditional hoppy IPA where the flavor of the juniper really come through but balanced well with the hops and malt.

Mohawk Harvest Brown
We make a traditional brown ale however we add some chicory root which is used as a coffee substitute to really bring out the flavors of the darker malts.
Tectona IPA
Named after the Teak Tree which originates in the tropical regions and would be imported to be used in tanneries in the region. Made with Citra, Mosaic and Cascade hops and heavily dry hopped brings forth the tropical notes of the hops 
Bourbon Stout 
A traditional Stout with a medium body aged on bourbon barrel chips bringing forth vanilla and oak flavors.
NY  Sweet Wheat Ale
5.2% ABV

Made With 

Pecks Porter 
6.0% ABV

A porter made with lots of caramel malt and some chocolate malt to round it out.

Stovepipe Alley Stout
6.5% ABV

Aged on cocoa nibs and vanilla beans 

NY Red Wheat Ale
3.7% ABV

A Wheat beer made with NY red Wheat easy drinking beer.

Brown Hide Ale  
4.5% ABV

A lighter easier to drink brown ale

Fulton Ale 

A Pale ale made with oat and wheat 

Harvest Stumpkin
6.1% ABV
Our Pumpkin beer perfect for the cold fall weather
SC Irish Stout 
6.8% ABV

A full bodied, dry stout very roasty and very chocolate 

7.5% ABV

A hybrid between Cider and beer made in collaboration with Roger's cider yard, A little sour, a little funky with a unique taste and aged in a barrel.

NY Red Weiss Ale
5.5% ABV

A Wheat beer made with NY red Wheat east drinking beer. Made with bavarian and wheat malt. 

Roger's Cideryard Cider
We typically have Cider on from Roger's although the style may vary from week to week.
Stumpkin Pie Ale
5.9% ABV
Our pumpkin beer made with graham crackers perfect for the cold fall weather
Winter Solstice
6.5% ABV

A wild-fermented beer, our graft base beer that we put in a barrel and pitched with nothing other than apples. Funky flavors and lightly sour.

Stump City Brewing Gloversville, NY