Stump City Brewing 

521 West Fulton St.
Gloversville, NY 12095

T  /   (518) 831-0722

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Our story starts with home brewing as does many breweries. The owners, Nicholas Sherman, Casey Oare, Matthew Sherman, and Jerry Sherman have been beer enthusiasts and homebrewers for years. After Matt went for some formal training he vowed to open his own brewery someday and brought the rest of us on board. In 2013 the planning begun, we decided the best location would be on the property owned by Jerry Sherman so we began clearing land that summer. Unfortunately winter came which made moving logs a little bit difficult and we would resume work the following spring.

We laid the foundation that spring as well as our septic system large enough to support future upgrades. As luck would have it we had a very mild winter which allowed us to pour concrete late in the year and get to putting up the structure of the building. Another long year of working on the interior and getting the siding on and we were close to opening. In January of 2017 we held our soft opening to only supporters of our indiegogo campaign and had great response. We will continue to strive to be the best brewers this Stump City has ever seen.

As we continue this journey we are upgrading to a 5 BBL and you will see many improvements coming such as new cooler, outdoor stage, getting our beer out in town, allowing growler fills for all beers as well as an expanded offering of beer selections.

Stump City Brewing, The Name

Our name and Motto have a lot of meaning to us. The name Stump City is a historical name of the area before it was incorporated as Gloversville. The proximity of hemlock forests to supply bark for tanning made the community a center of leather production early in its history. Prior to that Gloversville had been known as "Stump City" because of the large number of trees that had been cut down. The area also has a rich history of glove making and leather making, in 1890–1950, 90 percent of all gloves sold in the United States were made in Gloversville. It was also main headquarters for the Schine movie industry. The Glove Theatre was the Schines' favorite movie house. Hollywood movies sometimes premiered in Gloversville before they opened in California. The next door Johnstown is also rich in history from the revolutionary war to women rights. The brewery will proudly display much of this heritage in our tap room.

Our Motto has a personal meaning as well as relating to the beers that we make. We put so much work into the and wanted to do as much of the work ourselves. We did a large majority of the work with some help from friends and family and truly built the brewery and taproom from the ground up. The other half of it is our dedication to ingredients that we put in the beer. We source as much as possible from New York Farms allowing us to be call a Farm brewery, 

From The Ground Up, The Motto
Stump City Brewing Gloversville, NY